NGames is a small mobile application development company.

We're  specialised in entertainment applications - emoji & sticker apps and easy-to-play games for whole family. 

Cats - emoji sticker pack for cat lovers

Emoji app for all cat lovers! 

We have added 3 different cats - red, gray and Siamese. Meow! 😻

Frenchie - French Bulldog emoji stickers

Frenchies are the best! :) They're fun, cute, sensitive, and did you know they are even called clown-dogs because of their fun loving vivacious "clowns of the dog world" image.

Bulldoggi Emojis - English Bulldog Stickers

#1 English Bulldog emoji app for all Bulldog lovers! 

Bulldogs are adoraBULL and we hope You love these awesome emoji stickers.

Babies - Baby Emojis & Milestone Stickers

Babies are here for making your text and messages more lively and fun. Mirror your baby’s (or your own) feelings and emotions or share your sweetheart’s milestones and achievements. 

Kittoji - Cat Emoji

The most awesome cat emoji keyboard – KITTOJI! Get your colourful emojis to express yourself and start sending meows! 

Santa's jump
Santa's Jumping Game - Friends Challenge Free

It's Christmas time again! Help Santa & his friends collect as many gifts as possible. But beware of the killer cookies..!