B2B gift cards from our partner Pleasurespot for different marketing campaigns

Package insert campaing offer explained
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Prepaid Gift Cards for the "Package Insert Offer" campaign

We have developed a gift card-based package insert marketing campaign to increase our partner's customer's lifetime value (CLTV). Package insert campaign is straightforward to integrate into client marketing and sales activities. Campaigns significantly increase the value of the shopping cart in the eyes of the end-user.

The gift card includes two months of access to either "Full Body Massage" or "Yoni-, Lingam- and Breast massage" training at the Pleasurespot Massage School.To see the service offered in more detail, we always give the partner marketing department free access to all courses at the School of Pleasures (4 courses).

Please send a request to email info@pleasurespot.eu

More information about School of Pleasures is here: https://www.pleasurespot.eu

Pleasurespot campaign gift cards

Gift card 1 - Yoni-, Lingam- and Breast massage: https://www.pleasurespot.eu/p/offer

Gift card 2 - Full Body Massage: https://www.pleasurespot.eu/p/full-body-massage-course-offer

"Package insert" campaign

  • When sending an order to the customer, add a gift card to the customer package for FREE. It increases the volume of orders in the form of a returning customer through customer satisfaction and increases the number of loyal customers.

  • The value of gift cards for the end customer is 79€

Example: Gift cards with a business card holder (you can add your e-shop marketing materials if you wish). Gift cards with high-quality silk printing.

NB! We will add new digital campaign products in the second quarter of 2021

Campaign terms, prices, and ordering

  • All year, but we recommend campaigns average 3 months = 1 campaign

  • The minimum test order is 100 gift cards per business partner (no maximum limit)

  • The price for one gift card to our partners is 4.00$ (resale prohibited) + VAT if applicable (included: gift card printing and 24/7 support for both partner and customer)

  • Monthly subscription: minimum 100 gift cards price always -10% = 3.60$ and minimum 300 gift cards price always -20% = 3.20$.

  • Delivery worldwide - DHL Express price chart - over 300 gift cards FREE delivery

  • The value of gift cards for the end customer is 95$

  • Gift cards for resale 24.00$ one gift card, RRS price is 95$

By becoming our client, you are part of our network, and therefore you can ask us for advice and help 24/7. We will be more than happy to help!

Payment and delivery

  • Pre-payment 100%

  • Please send the delivery address of the gift cards to info@pleasurespot.eu

  • After payment and mailing the delivery address, we will send the gift cards to you within 8-10 working days.

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer by email or phone

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